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Learning each new skill builds on previous lessons, ensuring that not only is knowledge retained, but absorption is also fairly quick. The curriculum is supplemented with aggression education, situational awareness, the utilization of common objects, and a defense tactic class

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Krav Maga is a combination of every type of hand to hand combat for adults and kids. Is short and simple. Its not nice movement it is straight to the point, practical movement. A self defense that is suitable for everyone. A form of MMA but without rules, so nothing can hold you back from making it home.

Krav Maga is the most effective real-world system taught today. Originally developed for protection in the Bratislava ghetto, it was later refined and embraced by Israel Defense Forces. Today, it is the preferred system for law enforcement agencies and U.S. military units.

Defined by brutal offensive techniques and quick counterattacks, Krav Maga is the ideal self-defense fighting style for unexpected and dangerous situations. A focus on results without rules of fair fighting means Krav Maga is not a martial art but a revolutionary self-defense course—no katas, no rituals.
Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, our Krav Maga self-defense classes are intended to teach methods exceptionally effective for personal protection in the shortest possible time. Attend our courses to learn how to defend against violent chokes, grabs, and strikes, as well as serious threats armed with weapons.


The Krav Maga Kids program is a fun, encouraging alternative to traditional martial arts self defense classes for kids. Instead of forms and drills, Krav Maga for children teaches tools and techniques tailored for situations that commonly confront kids at school, on the playground, and in life. In our classes, we stress three things: self-defense, fitness, and confidence. By focusing on these real world needs, kids are engaged in the learning process.


In the Advanced sessions of Krav Maga instruction, students focus on techniques to reinforce and supplement beginner trainings. Each session will focus on learning and practicing advanced stance, strike, and grappling techniques.

KM Bag & Conditioning

Thai Pads, focus mitts, heavy bags, medicine balls, kettlebells, and jump ropes are just a few of the tools used in this high-intensity workout class. It’s an intense experience that’s simple to begin but challenging to finish. You’ll have to work hard to make it to the end, but after an hour with us, you’ll leave this Krav Maga workout for beginners feeling strong and energized.

Students will learn correct body alignment to maximize efficiency during punching while refining their Krav Maga technique through repetition, drills, and punch-kick combinations on the bag. KM Bag workouts build stronger bodies and improved mental toughness. Any good instructor will tell you that Krav Maga proficiency isn’t just a state of physical conditioning and knowledge of technique, but a frame of mind as well. Even a punching bag workout should reflect this, and we’ve spared no thought in making our KM Bag course the ultimate Krav Maga fitness experience.


Develop, test, and hone your hand-to-hand combat training through partner drills and sparring. These classes are for men and women to become more effective at fighting for sport, exercise, and self-defense. With hand-to-hand combat taught by experienced professionals, your Krav Maga skills will strengthen like never before.

Kids KM Striking sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


BULLETPROOF (mobility)

This class is strictly for mobility and flexibility training. Combining active and passive mobility. Get ready to move and increase your resilience! Our mobility classes are not like your average stretch yoga program—or even physical therapy session. These mobility classes are a full-body recharge. It’s an energizing retreat to the corner, so you don’t throw in the towel or tap out.


After hard sparring sessions, hitting the weights, grueling cardio kickboxing sessions Sway or intense personal training with Shay. Take advantage of our sports recovery and therapy. The benefits our treatments provide are various and plentiful, ranging from enhancing the recovery of sore muscles, reducing inflammation, promoting mobility, increasing flexibility.  As recovery specialists, we provide our clients with innovative technology in recovery tools and techniques to ensure top athletic recovery, healing efforts and assist in injury prevention.

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